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Lithium Battery Rules for Commercial Airlines

Indigo Industries DPV Batteries WH information: 

Nautilus XP - 120 WH - Can travel on commercial airlines 

Nautilus GLH - 160 WH  - Can travel on most commercial airlines - 30 minute battery 

                      - Optional: 324 WH - Unable to travel on commercial airlines - must ship batteries - 60 min battery

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 2.11.43 PM.png

Passengers are permitted to travel with lithium ion batteries that contain a maximum of 160 watt hours per battery.  Any lithium ion battery containing more than 160 watt hours is prohibited from carriage on all passenger aircraft. Lithium ion batteries installed in a personal electronic device can be transported as checked or carry on baggage. Lithium ion batteries not installed in a device (spares) must be in carry-on baggage and no more than two (2) spares between 100 and 160 watt hours are allowed. 

Quantity Limits for Lithium Batteries:

Each person is limited to a maximum of 2 spare batteries.

Lithium-ion battery acceptance by Watt-hour (Wh) 

  • Less than 100 Wh - Unlimited quantity in carry-on bag

  • 100 - 160 Wh - 2 spares in carry-on bag 

  • 160-300 Wh - Contact Special Assistance

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