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“Clients do not come first.  Employees come first.  If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”  Richard Branson.


We know that staff motivation is something that every employer needs to foster.  A highly motivated floor staff will always increase revue.  But how do you keep your staff motivated throughout the year?  The days to day and month over month surely stifles the best intentions.  Even companies large enough to hire HR personnel have trouble in this area. Let’s start with the free way to increase immediately improve motivation and sales.



Handing your staff a binder that has hundreds of pages is never a good way to truly get them to retain any information.   One of the best ways to increase product knowledge is to just give them 4 main points to focus on for any given product.  The points should be easy to remember. 

Example – Indigo Industries ProVision Mask. 

1.  Super soft skirt – let the customer feel it. 

2.  Comfortably fits your face – try it on. 

3.  Huge value with a cost of only $69.95


Every product line in the store should have 3 main selling points that are simple for the customer to understand and involves the customers senses (touch or feel the product.) 

Indigo also offers quick videos online on the main selling features 30 sec – 2 min videos.


If you don’t have quick training videos on manufacturer products – make them yourself. Film one of your staff explaining the 3 main points and text message it to all of your staff.  Maybe offer a free lunch to someone who can answer a product question on the fly.  This will keep your staff on their feet and give them an incentive to be knowledgeable. 


Don't overlook motivational seminars.  The fact is today you can have a short meeting daily and pull up outstanding motivational speakers on line for free.   There is nothing that is efficient in improving sales as a 3 minute daily pep talk by a pro.




Indigo CEO Ranch Pratt tells a story of a retail store that he had for many years.  Sales were excellent and kept six salesmen busy six days a week.  The sales team was paid only commission and made an excellent living.  “The phone seldom rang twice as hungry countermen would race to answer first.”  Said Pratt.  “In fact,  they would mock the person who wasn't fast enough to get the call” Still,  they expressed concern over the uncertainty of commission.  After years of commission they switched to salary plus commission. “The change was overnight.” Explains Ranch. “The very first day we noticed a significant change in the efforts on the phone and with walk in customers.  Our sales dropped 6% in the first month!  Eventually we switched back to commission,  the salesmen made more money and so did our company.”


 Every time a customer walks through your door, they want to buy some thing. 

Even if they are coming in just to refill a tank show them something that will peak their interest and satisfy the euphoric feeling for purchasing something new. 

The most proven way to motivate staff is with money.   When your staff has the ability to influence the sale and receive compensated, they will make the sale happen. 


The following is an example of one way to create a commission structure for your retail sales people:


  1. Total your sales for a month.

  2. Total your salesman's pay for the same month.

  3. Divide the pay by the sales to find the percentage of sales that goes to pay only the salesmen.

  4. Use this number as a starting point for commission on the gross of every sales made.  If you would like,  adjust the amount down by the guarantee amount that you offer. 



  • Gross sales for April =  $200,000.

  • Gross wages for SALESMEN (do not include anyone else)  $12,000.

  • $12,000 divided by $200,000 = .06 (OR 6%)

  • Commission is now set at 6% of the Gross sales (total sale price of any item)

  • Sale of items on 1st sale =$100.00

  • Tax on sale = $7.25

  • Commission:

    • $100.00 x 6%=$6.00


What are the results?  To the hard worker,  they are outstanding as his pay will immediately go up.  The slacker will lose money and either pick up the pace or move on and the company should generate more top line revenue.


Factory spiffs are another great way to incentivize your employees. Indigo Industries is open to discuss a stiff program for your employees.


Get motivated and start selling today!