Your best bet is your worst client


We have established the advantage of nurturing current customers.   It is the least expensive way to grow your business.   That doesn't mean it is easy.


We talked with Dana Zamalloa,  Director of Sales and Marketing at Indigo Industries  about ways to engage existing customers. Dana has a strong history of working with manufacturer dealers worldwide. “Before you can engage them,  you have to fix yourself.  One mistake that I see business owners repeatedly make is focusing on their best customers.” Says Zamalloa.   “Focusing on your best (customer)is simply patting yourself on the back and serves you little. If though you start focusing on your worst you open the bottleneck of business growth in sales.  Dana suggests that by analyzing your worst customer with a goal of finding out why they don't buy, you can identify and improve your business for all of your customers.  “I guarantee that the bottle neck is there for all of your customers.” Says Dana.  “Some it hinders, others it strangles.  But you can’t fix what you can’t see.”    Be honest with yourself,   be open to criticism, be willing to change and be ready for a whole new level of success.


  • Offer free gear inspection - most divers are not sure how to property inspect there gear from year to year.  Give them an incentive to come into the store to check out whats new. 

  • Offer free refresher course - Divers always forget the basics.  Offer a free quick 20-min prep course.  Its a great way to make sure your divers are up to speed.  Also. you can suggest to them to take a longer refresher course if they need it. 

  • Check out the new gear - Every time a customer comes into the store they should be buying something.  Show them the latest "must have" scuba equipment.  Also, take notes in your system on the customer.  This will help you remember their needs for the next time. 

  • Email blasts work Offer your customers a monthly newsletter filled with info on trips, new gear, tips, news, etc.  This is a great way to keep top of mind with your customers.