Scuba the Ultimate Couples Sport. 

Campaign to attract new divers 

In 2019 Indigo will be focusing on two markets to attract new divers - Couples and Millennials.  Indigo launched a successful video ad compelling people into considering Scuba to enhance their relationship. 


The video not only shows underwater scenes, but also shows the entire adventure of scuba.   Focusing on key words like – Adventure, Excitement, Pleasure, Carefree and Thrilling.  This upbeat video gave us some interesting stats. 


75% of males click the video compare to females. 

What does this tell us?  Men are looking for ways to connect with their female.  They prefer something exciting.  Scuba is very exciting.



Number one demographic: 25-35 yr. old, second 36- 45 yr. olds.

These numbers fall in line with the target markets and are significantly better than historical scuba marketing efforts at attracting a new generation of buyer.


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