New couples are always looking for exotic and exciting honeymoon destinations and activities as well as ways to strengthen their relationship.  Couples that play together, stay together. 

Newly married couples are eager to engage in a new experience that will better their relationship.   Bridal shows are a great way to connect with this audience. It is a perfect time to talk with many people, such as we see in retail shows, as there is a much higher than normal likelihood of a significant vacation within the next 12 months.  Further, because two people are starting a new life together, they are far more likely to start a new lifelong activity together.   Pulling them into Scuba at this time of their life will bring immediate and long-term results to your store.

The key is to engage them with the RIGHT message.


  • Scuba – the Ultimate Couples Sports.

  • Engage in pleasure and excitement together in public

  • Its not a guys thing, its not a girls thing, it’s a couples thing

  • Meet new couples at resorts – many scuba couples are lifelong friends

  • Show him, this lady is always up for adventure. Show her this man is not a future couch potato


Here are some statics:


  • Most popular months for weddings – September & October

  • 25% of marriages are destination weddings

  • Top locations for out of town weddings. #1 – Las Vegas, #2 Hawaii (scuba spot) #3 – Virgin Islands (scuba spot) #4 Jamaica (scuba spot) #5 Bahamas (scuba spot) #6 Mexico (scuba spot) #7 Florida (scuba spot)

  • Couples spend an average of $8,200 on honeymoon

  • 1.4 Million Honeymooners a year

  • Among traditional weddings – 99% take a honeymoon

  • Average honeymoon – 8 days

  • 14% of wedding budget is spent on honeymoon


Get out there and find a bridal show in your area.