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How To Get Your Store Featured on Local News 

This article will focus on ways to get your business featured on your local news. 


Statistic:  Three out of four American adults watch local television news.


First you need to know the following:


  1. Watch your local news station and figure out which station is a good fit for your store/pitch idea.  (Producers get upset when the pitcher has no clue about the station and the stations segmenting opportunities)

  2. News segments are 3 minutes long and typically ran in the morning, so your idea must be able to be completely executed in 3 minutes.

  3. Be open to "in-studio" segments or on "location" segments.  Based on time, filming schedule, etc. Its best to be open to their preference

  4. What kind of segments does your station of choice run?  Interviews, demos, anchor “testing” etc. 



Now the next step


  • Identify a topic that is important to your local community for your pitch.

    • Looking to connect with your partner?   Scuba is the perfect activity.

    • 3 out of 4 people in the US need vision correction.  You are the only dealer in ____ city to offer masks with clip on corrective lens.

    • Fun activities to keep the kids busy – Discover Scuba classes

  • Construct your pitch in email format.


Follow this format to clearly sell your idea to the producer


Subject Line: Grab the producer’s attention. Example –

  •      Exciting activities to keep kids busy this summer,

  •      Best couple activity for summer 2019,

  •      Hitting the pool ____only store in _____ that has clip on corrective lens.


Dear (Producer’s Name): You can call the station and find out who books

              the guests for a particular program. 


Introduce your Idea:  Explain your idea in a clean consistent manner and

Why it’s important to your community.


Share your credentials:  In three sentences or less why you are the expert on the subject.


Location Details:  Share your vision of "in-studio" and "on-location" options 3 sentences.


Call- to- Action:   Give contact information and request a call to set up segment.  Give all contact information including email and mobile phone.



Follow-up:   You might need to call the station and follow-up.  Call the station 30 minutes after the program and request to speak to the producer or call the assignment desk. 



Don’t not feel intimated by calling.  PR people do this every day.  I have called a station every two hours for 4 days to get them out to a location for a news story.  The producers and the assignment desks are familiar to this.  In the PR game – persistence pays off.