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Retail Selling Tips

Maximize Your Teams Potential 

  • Always give the customer your full attention.  – You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.


          Staff; Put away your cell phones, stop conversation.  When a

          customer walks into your store always give them acknowledgment

          and your full attention and be friendly. 

  • Ask questions?

 Asking questions is the best way to find out what they are interested in.  If they say they are just looking don't give the typical, “let me know if  

you have any questions” reply.  Without being too pushy tell them – I have to show you this.  It’s the coolest device …  (an Indigo BCD or Snorkel with MATIC will always give them a wow!)


  • Give them some space to check out the store. 

Give them space so they don’t feel like they just walked onto a used car lot but be ready to jump in and explain features and benefits on a product once they begin to engage with an item.


  • Give them more value

Once the customer has selected an item for purchase always show them something to add or something that adds value to the item.  Once a customer has committed to a purchase, they are usually ready to add on something else. 

  • Read your customer.  – 90% of communication is nonverbal


1. Instantly connect – shake hands – research shows that touching someone for 1/40 of a second creates a human bond.  Plus people are

 more open and friendly with those they shake hands with.


2. Male patrons often push back on advise,  this is especially true if they have  their significant other with them.  Never us a customer as an

outlet to show your knowledge.   Providing them with answers to their questions, and offering advice for their level and interest in types of

diving will win you respect.


3. Pay attention to arms – If someone has crossed arms they are usually uncomfortable and probably not interested in what you are

saying. Stop at that point and re-engage in something they are more likely to be interested in.  Again,  asking questions means you can talk

 about what they want to discuss.  Open arms and palms facing toward you is an excellent sign the customer in interested. 


4. Facial expression – a. corners of the mouth are slightly curved up – good sign.  Corners slightly down – bad sign.


  • Roll Play to start the day off.


Roll playing is a powerfully way to get your staff up and excited about the day and potential sale. Make sure to make it fun and non-confrontational. 


  • Determine when someone is ready to buy based on non-verbal clues.

  1. A shift in body language – readiness to buy.  Example:  customer suddenly looks relaxed after your answered the questions indicate they are convinced.

  2. Spending time looking at or discussing one product type


  • Ask for the sale.  

Non-direct way can make this easier.  “Would you like me to see if I have a non-display in your size?” or “Ill tell you what,  let me see what I can do on a package for you.”  (A discount here is not usually the best answer,  throw in an additional value instead)

  • Determining not ready to buy

  1. Avoiding eye contact

  2. Making not now excuses

  3. Looking at many different products. 


Sales can be tough but its also rewarding, exciting and filled with accomplishment. 

Stay positive, be excited and enjoy the “pitch”