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The BZ-Traveler is one of Indigo’s top-selling BCD.  It has EVERYTHING you need and nothing you do not.  This lightweight BCD has set the mark for a quality BCD that is priced right!  Indigo wants to give the experience of diving to Millennials and Gen Z and provide this generation with a quality, stylish and affordable BCD.  How did Indigo produce such a quality BCD for this price?  Well, let's just say Indigo is investing in the future of diving, and it's not all about profit.  Our design team wanted to produce a BCD at the quality level of a $600 BCD but sell it at $399.  So, we just made it happen!  This brand believes in its customers and the diving experience!  Welcome to the NEXT Generation of Scuba Diving!




BZ- Traveler BCD


The Indigo BZ-Traveler BCD is a lightweight back inflate BCD that provides divers a streamlined look. This ultra-lightweight BCD  weights 5 lbs.  Indigo wanted to produce a BCD that was amazing with all the bells and whistles but did not break the bank. Well, it's here, and you will love it!


BZ-Traveler BCD Key Features

  • Ultra-lightweight BCD - 5 LBS.

  • Stylish Indigo 2020 back pad design - style meets comfort

  • 30 lbs of lift capacity

  • Back inflate BCD 

  • Dual tank cam bands

  • Stainless steel D rings 

  • MATIC quick connect and disconnect weight pockets - 5 lbs. weight pockets

  • The perfect BCD for travel

  • Comparable to BCD $600 plus (exceptional value)


The best BCD available in the market for $399. 


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