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The BZ-Traveler is one of Indigo’s top-selling BCD.  It has EVERYTHING you need and nothing you do not.  This lightweight BCD has set the mark for a quality BCD that is priced right!  Indigo wants to give the experience of diving to Millennials and Gen Z and provide this generation with a quality, stylish and affordable BCD.  How did Indigo produce such a quality BCD for this price?  Well, let's just say Indigo is investing in the future of diving. Our design team wanted to produce a BCD at the quality level of a $600 BCD but sell it at reasonable price.  So, we just made it happen!  This brand believes in its customers and the diving experience!  Welcome to the NEXT Generation of Scuba Diving!

$ 459.00


Why buy the BZ-TRAVELER? 

Quality Icon.png


Ballistic Denier Nylon 1680, 1050,

Dual Tank Cam Band, MATIC Weight Pockets. Back Inflation0 30 lbs. of lift.  Hard Anodized Aluminum D-Rings, Premium Air hose. There is no other BCD in the market at this quality at this price. Period!



BZ-TRAVELER BCD weighs 4.8 lbs. 

It is perfect for travel! 

The weigh pockets are designed to hold 8 lbs. of weight each.  Consider, our new optional trim weights for additional streamlined weights.  

Plus, 30 lbs. of lift capacity. 

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Designed for the Next Generation of divers.  Outstanding good looks! Indigo’s signature back pad adds style + super comfortable secure fit.

MATIC ICon.png
CLICK ICON -2white.png


This BCD offers the MATIC quick connection with the click sound.  The connection system is designed to hold 25 lbs. per connect.  Connect with confidence in the water.  The MATIC system finds its home magnetically but connects mechanically. 

BZ Travel BCD.png
Bz-Traveler back.png
BZ-traver side profile.png
BZ-Traveler - D-ring.png
Traveler and Side Mount BackPad.png

Why is Denier Nylon Grade Important?

Indigo Denier Nylon Test results2.png

Indigo BCD's

Indigo BCD's

Competition BCD's

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 9.30.56 AM.png

Indigo BCD's

Most ALL Competition BCD's

Indigo BCD's

What does this mean to me?

  • Indigo does not cut corners on quality.  - We develop our products around the best QUALITY products and material available. 

  • BCD's are made of about 80% + Denier Nylon.  The quality of Denier Nylon is what you are paying for, plus style and function in a BCD.

  • Indigo stands behind our products, and we will continue to make sure our customers are satisfied.   

  • 1680D is not die-able.  It protects color and material for sun, chlorine, and other harsh elements. 

  • 600D is the material used for an everyday backpack ($30-$100 cost) most competitive BCD's are 400D - not even the strength of a backpack

Style Options 

Optional Additions 

Trim Weight Pockets - Up to 4 lbs.  

Indigo's Slim-Fit Trim Weights are designed to fit up to 4 lbs. of weight and slide securely on any standard 2" tank cam band.  The pockets are made of ballistic denier nylon 1050 and feature a tab for opening and closing the pocket.  

Indigo trim weight - 4 lb weight .png
Indigo- 4-5 lb side profile.png
Indgio - 4-5 lb trim low-profile.png

BCD Waist Band Extension Pocket 

Indigo's BCD Waist Band Extension Pocket gives you the few more inches you are looking for on your BCD waist. This extender is available in 6" or 8" inch extender options. Plus, it features a pocket that holds up to a 4 lb. weight. The extender can be added to any BCD waist strap that features standard buckles. 

Extender pockets - 2 lb.png
extender pockets- open.png
BZ-Traveler sizes.png

Size Options 

Photo roator traveler bcd
Photo roator traveler bcd-back
Photo roator traveler bcd in the sand
Photo roator traveler bcd-couple
Photo roator traveler bcd-back at dock


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