Looking at DEFFIANT XT Scuba fin you get a sense that they are all business.. That is why Indigo scuba fins are being sought after by Pro's worldwide.  From military divers, special ops, to rescue divers, and recreational divers serious about quality. 

High Leverage Length Improves Efficiency and reduces strain

Streamlined Bi-Directional Design reduces weight while providing rigidity

 Variable Rate Stiffeners Provide more thrust in the power phase but relieve the force required for recovery. Swap them out and tune to fin to your body type and style.

Unique Width provides a solid bite while reducing leg fatigue

Indigo's Power Transfer Plate ensures more energy is sent to the working end of the fin

Load Transfer tabs provide greater feel and efficiency.


"As most of the power was produced in the power phase, and little in the recover phase, it may be advantageous to have higher thrust in the power phase but relieve the force required for recovery"



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