Reconsider everything! That is how you build performance.  When designing Indigo's line of fins, we looked at not only fluid dynamics and thrust, but the ability and limitations of the human body. Why, because the very best design is one that utilizes as much energy as possible within its environment and limits.  

Indigos line of fins have several features providing improved efficiencies.   These work in harmony, one efficiency stacking on the next, to provide performance you have to feel to believe.   We considered length vs leverage, width and surface area, shape and drag, and production from power and return strokes to squeeze performance to the nth degree.   The result is a fin that kicks so much easier and provides thrust that you will find surprising.  Improved bottom time and reduced exertion providing a better dive are the ultimate results.


Call us obsessive and we may agree, but obsessing over art that flows seamlessly from engineering is brilliance. Whether we are testing specific gravity or utilizing new technologies and materials to enhance a product's feel and performance, our obsession translates into more adventure, safety, fun and enjoyment for you. Our products are expressly made to challenge convention and stand apart from the crowd.


Are we obsessed? With your safety and performance... We are absolutely obsessed.  





Improving diving means engineering better products.   Both ProVantage and ProVision were designed utilizing the absolute softest silicon skirt available.   Our lens is ultra high clarity tempered glass.   The buckle on our straps is larger than most,  providing one of the industries most secure hold and easiest release.   We considered the angle of attack on every portion of the skirt to reduce facial fatigue and our dual seal design helps ensure a solid, soft, comfortable seal every time.

The NAUTILUS line of recreational DPV's have revolutionized DPV use.   The smaller size makes a DPV use on a standard dive possible.   Tank mounting eliminates loss of efficiency by creating a smooth thrust path and hands free design makes NAUTILUS a photographers best friend.   Safety features include sleep modes, fail safe shutdown modes and lithium battery management that protects agains over-temp, over-current, over-charge, over-discharge and proper cell balancing.   All Nautilus batteries are in TSA approved restrictions. 

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