How to use Keywords to improve customer reach 

The following are links to FREE Keyword finders.  Keyword finders will help you create powerful content for your website, create searchable SEO and get options that are cost effective for Google Ad words and Bing. 

Keyword Niche Finder

Find profitable keyword opportunities for SEO, Google Ads words and Bing. 

Google Correlate 

Google Correlate is a tool to locate words that are searched in groups. Google correlate offers real-world data.  Super useful tool.

Bulk Keyword Generator 

This tool perfect for local searches. Input location, type of services (remember to include - swimming lessons and any other services you provide in addition to scuba certification and products.  

 Keyword In 

Combine keywords with this simple tool. 


Offers free keywords suggestions not only from Google but YouTube, Wikipedia and Amazon.  Pick your outlet and Soovle will improve your site in just a few minutes 

Wordtracker Scout 

With this tool you can analyze your competition, access high level keywords performance metrics and its simple to use. 

Indigo Industries is focused on helping our dealers become better marketers in this ever changing world.  We will contintue to bring you free, cost-effective and valueable marketing tips, hacks, advise and information. 

Check back often. 

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