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The NAUTILUS XP revolutionizes the use of DPV’s with a compact, manageable and affordable design. Designed for the recreational diver who wants to improve each and every dive, NAUTILUS XP, at less than 15 pounds and 17” in length is easy to carry on to any dive boat or beach.

It’s simple to charge or swap out batteries.  Plus, the Lithium batteries last 40 minutes at full power output.  For most recreational divers that means two full dives.   

The XP propels the diver through the water with 12# of thrust.   That’s about as much as a diver produces kicking at or near his peak effort with fins, perfect for all recreational dives

The NAUTILUS XP’s patented forward & reverse design helps divers stay at their desired depth while surfacing and in position while shooting photography.

At less than 15 pounds and only 17” in length, the NAUTILUS XP is easy to carry on to any dive boat or beach.   Simply strap it on to the tank and dive it.

If you consume a lot of air the XP is your answer.  It provides the ability to complete dives with your group by conserving energy through reduced kicking. 

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