5 pound weight pockets (sold as a pair)

5 pound weight pockets (sold as a pair)


The 5 Pound Weight Pocket (sold as a pair)


This weight pocket works with Indigo's Paul de Gelder BCD, BZ-Zulu, and BZ-Delta BCD and can work with most standard backplate and wing harness setups. 

The weight pocket features in Indigo MATIC system for easy connection and disconnect.  

Please note if you want a weight pocket with rivets holes or non-rivet holes. 

Paul de Gelder BCD - no rivet holes 
BZ-Zulu and BZ- Delta - with rivet holes. The rivet holes allow the weight pockets to connect to the backplate and wing. If you need these pockets for a backplate and wing, please order with rivet holes. 


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