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The NEW Indigo Industries BZ-Jacket is the perfect BCD Jacket.  Light, Simple, High-Quality plus Extremely Comfortable!   This BCD also comes with our infamous MATIC quick connect system.  


You will fall in love with this premium jacket BCD!


Key Features:


Quality/Craftsmanship - Made of High Quality 1680 and 1050 Denier for the front and 840 Denier Nylon bladder.  Indigo BCD are made on the BEST Quality of Denier available on the market. 


Easy Jacket Style -  Jacket style BCD's are perfect for all levels of scuba divers.  This BCD is easy to adjust and has the quick neck and rear dump valves. 


Comfort -  This BCD jacket has a super comfortable fit.  Plus is has an easy one cam band for the tank and quick pull strap for all adjustments.  Simplicity + Style.


MATIC Connection -   The weight pockets features an Indigo Industries exclusive - the MATIC connect system.  The MATIC quick connect makes a distinct click sound when connect.  The MATIC system works by finding its home magnetically but actually connects mechanically. 


Your will love the style, quality and technology of this jacket BCD. 




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