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Indigo on Shark Week 

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Paul de Gelder 

Shark Hero. Inspirational. Ultimate Badass

Paul de Gelder is a modern-day diving hero. He has become a household name due to his straightforward; nothing will stop him attitude as host of Discovery Channel's Shark Week. 

Paul is not your ordinary Aussie. This man's attitude toward life, adversity, challenges, and limitation is truly one-of-a-kind. He took a huge set back in life getting bitted by a shark (losing his arm and leg) into a movement of helping protect the shark species.  

Paul de Gelder is truly a man that leads by example. How lucky for our sport he is one of us and loves diving.  

Paul was rockin' Indigo Industries products during 2019 Discovery Channel's Shark Week.  

Paul and his fitness icon GF Erin are divers, shark education trailblazers, and truly the badasses of this sport.  

Follow them on Instagram @pauldegelder and @erinbrownofficial 


"Laws of Jaws" - Discovery Channel Shark Week 2019

Featuring Paul de Gelder and Indigo Defiant XT Fins 

"Eat. Pray. Chum" - Discovery Channel Shark Week 2019 

Featuring Paul de Gelder and Indigo Defiant XT Fins 

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