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The TAC fin is a performance leader in Ultra-High Performance Fins.  The TAC’s operation is unlike any other fin in the market.  This light, efficient fin propels you through the water with immense force.   The TAC’s proprietary material, thin design, and curved blade provide a rigid cross-section that attacks the water.  The fin length, width, open toes, and proprietary material have created the goldilocks’ zone for ultra-high performance fins.  

This fin is the REAL deal! 

Indigo's Slim-Fit Trim Weights are designed to fit up to 4 lbs. of weight and slide securely on any standard 2" tank cam band.  The pockets are made of ballistic denier nylon 1050 and feature a tab for opening and closing the pocket.  

MAP Price

Why buy Slim-Fit Trim Weight Pocket?

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Ballistic Denier Nylon 1050.

Slim-Fit up to 4 lb. weigh pockets.   This rugged denier will hold up to the harsh ocean water for better than most trim weights that are made of 200- 400 D.  

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Slim streamline fit  that provides just the weight you need in a tight, compact weight pocket.  

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The Slim-Fit Trim Weight can fit that fits on any standard tank cam band. 

Indigo trim weight - 4 lb weight .png
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