BZ- Side-Mount BCD

Develop by Customer Request. The BZ-Side-Mount is a sleek, minimalist design perfect for tech, adaptive of any diver wanting a top-notch side mount BCD system. We have been able to bring to market top side mount at a manageable cost. (we did not spare anything in this BCD - we are just good material negotiators) Our focus is to have the best quality products in the market.  


Key Features

  • Lightweight Side Mount BCD - 6 pounds

  • Tear Drop Bladder for optimal trim

  • A reversible dump valve assembly

  • Minimalist side mount BCD design 

  • Stylish Indigo 2020 back pad design 

  • 9 stainless steel D rings 


The Indigo BZ-Sidemount BCD rivals all the typical side mount BCD brands. Stylish, lightweight, streamlined, and is usually $50 plus less.  

Warranty - 2 years. 


385-374-0444    Customer Service email info@indigo-industries.com  Salt Lake City, Utah