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TAC 2020 image (original).png
TAC 2020 image (original).png

Shown with optional spring strap


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How leverage works with Scuba Fins



Competitor Fin length

RESULT:  Weight on your ankle =35 poundsIncrease weight on your ankle of 44%

Key Points 

  • Stamina increases with lighter weights. The human body performs better with lighter weight and more repetitions. (Think bicycle cadence)

  • The leverage on long fins increases the weight on your body.  

Shorter fins equal

  • Less weight on your ankle

  • Every stroke is easier  to  achieve

  • Less weight on your foot (far less cramping)

  • More kicks that are easier to achieve.

  • Longer stamina

Long fins equal

  • More weight on your ankle

  • Every stroke is harder to achieve

  • More weight on your foot (far MORE cramping)

  • Less kicks that are harder to achieve. (example of fins = 46% Harder to kick)

  • Far less stamina

Weight on your ankle =
35 pounds



Weight-15 lbs.png
Weight-15 lbs.png
Weight on your ankle =
             24 pounds

Our bodies perform best over a long period of exertion when the weight we carry is light.   Scuba is no different.  One of the laws of physics is the effect of leverage.  It is not changeable... not even with fins.   The longer the fin the more leverage it has and that leverage is working against you as shown below.

What people are saying

"I'm in love with these fins! No other fin I've owned in 20 years of diving have the comfort, thrust and power of the Indigo fins.  They are awesome! "


Jay Weimer, Commercial Diver

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