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The TAC fin is a performance leader in Ultra-High Performance Fins.  The TAC’s operation is unlike any other fin in the market.  This light, efficient fin propels you through the water with immense force.   The TAC’s proprietary material, thin design, and curved blade provide a rigid cross-section that attacks the water.  The fin length, width, open toes, and proprietary material have created the goldilocks’ zone for ultra-high performance fins. 

This fin is the REAL deal! 

As seen on Discovery Channel's Shark Week with Paul de gelder


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Why buy TAC Scuba Fins?


The fin design cuts through the water, and the result optimal propulsion you can feel. This fins performance in current is stellar!


The fin allows quick turns,

directional changes and



Shorter design and open toes mean less leverage on calf muscles. Fin design uses larger quad muscles =reducing calf muscle cramps.


The fin weights 1.9 lbs and fits into a carry-on bag.  

Style Options

You can add our Carbon Fiber stiffeners underneath the standard stiffener to tune your fins perfectly to your body and kick style.  

Carbon Stiffener Rigid:   Increases rigidity over stock fin by ~20%


Foot Pocket Size 

Optional Carbon Stiffener

Warning - Carbon Stiffeners are suggested for divers with powerful legs. We suggest standard first, and if you then want a more rigid fin to add the carbon after a few dives with the standard. 


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TAC Features & Benefits



Finning is a start stop motion, like lifting weights. There is less strain with less weight. Tac fin weighs only 1.9 pounds compared to other High-Performance Fins that weigh as much as 5! We do this through a proprietary compound that is stiff, and because it is stiff, we need less material, which makes it very thin. We also use a curved fin design to add rigidity. No giant masses of rubber ribs on each fin, the sleek, thin design at less than half the weight of other High-Performance Fins means you get less tired, which translates into more bottom time.




Thanks to TAC’s proprietary material, thin design, and curved blade, we have a very rigid cross-section. This means when you turn in the water, the sides of the fin cut through the water instead of having to move a large mass and “sailing” (bending the fin sideways.) This makes tac the most agile fin on the market! In military testing, TAC Red Label beat every fin tested hands down in agility underwater.




Tac’s shorter design provides more rotational control. This, in turn, supports a stronger kick and allows a slightly wider blade for a larger bite. Stiffeners on top of the fin blade engage on the power stroke to add thrust to the stoke that provides 90% of total thrust. They release on the recovery stroke to conserve energy. Carbon stiffeners can be added to tune the fin to your body and kick style.




The shorter design reduces the leverage working against the diver. Additionally, the open toe means we can reduce it further and use the section under the toes as a working fin surface. Plus, the load is transferred to larger quadriceps instead of weak hip flexor muscles. Power in vs. power out. That is ultimately what defines a great high-performance fin.

Fin Technology, Testing, Care & more


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