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Scuba Fin Care

Scuba fin care
Buff Fins With A Microfiber Cloth

Indigo Industries Scuba fins are very easy to take care of. Take a microfiber cloth and buff your fins and stiffeners in a circular pattern add a little soapy water to enhance the cleaning.

Keep repeating until the fin looks great.  This will keep them looking like new. 

Check out the quick instructional video. 

Indigo scuba fin stiffener change
How Do You Change Stiffeners?

To change your Indigo Industries scuba fin stiffeners you will need two Allen Head/Hex Key wrenches   6 mm).  Place one on the bottom nut and the other on the top bolt.  

Turn left to loosen the bolt.  Remove the nuts, bolts, and stiffeners.  


Install the new stiffener by reversing the process. 


Indigo Scuba fin stiffeners are available in soft, medium and hard (rigid).  

See your local dive shop for additional stiffeners. 

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