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The ProVision Scuba Mask provides divers with vivid and luminous clarity underwater. This ultra-soft skirt design gives divers unmatched comfort and seals underwater, plus the skirt fits many faces. Provision also has an option for clip on corrective lens. 



  • Premium ultra-soft silicon rubber skirt
  • Contour skirt angle for reducing facial fatigue (red ring) 
  • The remarkable dual design delivers outstanding comfort while providing exceptional sealing to the face.
  • Durable and easily adjustable strap
  • Quick tension buckle with dual release 
  • Exceptional value. Mask comparable to mask costing nearly double
  • Now available in with clip-on corrective lens + and - (additional cost $29.95 a pair)

Provision Scuba Mask

  • Corrective Lenses are sold in each and NOT pair.  This is because many people have a different need for their left and their right eyes.  

    If you need both left and right lenses be sure to add two lenses to your order.


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