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The Bionic AF Travel BCD is the perfect combination of streamline, simplicity, and rugged, comfortable style. 


Bionic AF Key Features 

  • Lightweight travel BCD
  • Slim fit for a streamlined look
  • Comfortable design easy to adjust 
  • A double tank strap system 
  • 8 Large Stainless Steel  D-rings - 4 Small D-rings
  • Single tank - optional double tank attachment - available soon


BCD does not have an integrated weight system. 


Optional Slim-Fit 10 lb Weight Pocket System - Sold as an upgrade pair with this BCD

The Streamline Slim-Fit 10 lb. Weight Pocket System with MATIC Quick Connect and Release is made of ballistic denier nylon 1680.  How the MATIC Quick Connect works is the mechanism comes together magnetically but holds mechanically. A quick "CLICK" sound, and you are connected. The MATIC connection holds up to 25 lbs. per connection.  The MATIC is overbuilt for the 10 lb. weight pockets for added security. The weight pocket slides onto any standard 2" or 1.5" waist strap.  

Bionic AF Travel BCD

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