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What is Adaptive Sports and How can Adaptive Scuba Diving Benefit me? 

Adaptive Sports can be both recreational and competitive for the adaptive individual. Adaptive Sports is a sport modified to enable the adaptive person to participate regardless of physical and mental challenges.  Adaptive Sports allows the participant to enjoy the traditional sport with some slight modifications.  A variety of Adaptive sports have gain popularity, including adaptive scuba diving, surfing, mountain biking, wakeboarding, and skiing, to name a few options. 



















The definition for adaptive scuba diving varies from person to person.  Ultimately, Adaptive Scuba Diving is a method of training people with various disabilities to scuba dive with as much independence as possible.   Adapting Scuba Diving is an enriching experience for the adaptive diver, the instructor, and the dive buddy.  The physical restrictions underwater are far less than what an adaptive person feels on land.  Plus, the calm of your air-breathing is soothing especially, to individuals with PTSD.  Adaptive Scuba Diving is mesmerizing and is an experience that is

life- changing for an adaptive individual. 

"Below the surface, there is not weight of the world."  - Ranch Pratt, CEO, Indigo Industries.


The Adaptive Nation is growing stronger and stronger every year.  There is a variety of outstanding adaptive personalities on Instagram and TikTok that share their stories of daily life, the thrill of new adaptive sports, accomplishments, and an array of experiences.  Indigo Industries brand ambassador is Paul de Gelder, a host of Discovery Channel's Shark Week, a motivational speaker, an author and he is also adaptive.  

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Paul de Gelder - Indigo image-tagged.jpg

Another remarkable Adaptive Scuba Diver is David Hosick, certified with A-1 Scuba & Travel Aquatics Center in Colorado. He is the only PADI Adaptive Diver that is certified as a Rescue Diver.  His story is incredible and drive is unstoppable.  He has been an inspiration to Indigo Industries. 

There are many inspiring stories that Indigo Industries decide to add a section to our website in 2021 called Adaptive Stories.  This page will highlight a variety some fantastic personalities of the Adaptive Nation.   

At Indigo Industries, we are committed to designing adaptive dive products to enhance adaptive scuba diver's mobility, independence, and experience in the water.  We have designed adaptive scuba fins for above and below the knee amputees, plus Indigo will be releasing a new scuba BCD in 2021 that is perfect for Adaptive Scuba Divers.  

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2021 Indigo Industries is also bringing a new, fun, and exciting event to the Adaptive Nation called Submerged Adaptive Festival 2021. This 2nd annual event is held June 9-13th, 2021, in Midway/Park City, UT. It is open to all adaptive individuals, and participants will be coming from around the world. Submerged Adaptive Festival is an actioned packed festival that will include adaptive scuba certifications, adaptive mountain biking, adaptive ice hockey, adaptive rock climbing, and more. To learn more, click the image.  

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