Who is Indigo Industries and What is our mission in scuba? 

 Indigo Industries is a premium scuba manufacturer focused on advancing technology, developing innovative products that actually solve specific issues in scuba, and enhancing everyone's diving experience. Indigo develops products for recreational scuba divers, military scuba divers, commercial scuba divers, adaptive scuba divers, and maritime applications. 

Check out our 1 min video and the extended version on who we are and why you should consider an Indigo brand of scuba equipment. 

1 min version

Want to know a little more?  Check out the following video which talks more about the brand and our mission for developing products for adaptive divers. 

Why did Indigo Industries begin its mission in the scuba industry in 2016?  

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385-374-0444    Customer Service email info@indigo-industries.com  Salt Lake City, Utah