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The Bionic AF stands up to its name and is designed to take on any water-based environment.  The Bionic AF is rugged, yet stylish and it is perfectly streamlined to show off your ultimate asset.  This BCD is the James Bond of BCD’s; that’s why it's called the Bionic AF BCD!  


MAP Price 

Why buy the Bionic AF BCD?

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Ballistic Denier Nylon 1680, 1050,  Dual tank cam band, 17 stainless steel D-rings, grab handle on the bladder, Premium Air hose, crotch strap, and a  stainless steel buckle. This BCD is a masterpiece! 

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The Bionic AF is the most advanced streamlined BCD design and fits your body like a glove.  You work hard for that body, and this BCD will make you look good in & out of the water.  Slim Fit BCD.

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The Bionic AF looks good!  This is the James Bond of BCD's.  It is definitely not, your Dad's BCD.  A BCD designed for the NEXT Generation of Scuba Diver!  You will turn heads in this BCD! 

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Yeah, it means what you think. Bionic AF is a mindset... The mindset of the badass and this BCD is the perfect compliment to those who know how to live life without compromise. 

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Tank stabalizer


Style Options

Size Options

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Optional Weight Pockets

Slim Fit 10 lb. Weight Pocket. (Upgrade) 

The Streamline Slim-Fit 10 lb. Weight Pocket System with MATIC Quick Connect and Release is made of ballistic denier nylon 1680.  How the MATIC Quick Connect works is the mechanism comes together magnetically but holds mechanically. A quick "CLICK" sound, and you are connected. The MATIC connection holds up to 25 lbs. per connection.  The MATIC is overbuilt for the 10 lb. weight pockets for added security. The weight pocket slides onto any standard 2" or 1.5" waist strap.  

New 2021 10 lb weight pocket front.png
New 2021 10 lb weight pocket side.png
new 10 lb weight pocket front with ruler
New 10 lb weight pocket back.png
New 10 lb weight pocket open.png

Trim Weight Pockets - Up to 4 lbs.  (Upgrade) 

Indigo's Slim-Fit Trim Weights are designed to fit up to 4 lbs. of weight and slide securely on any standard 2" tank cam band.  The pockets are made of ballistic denier nylon 1050 and feature a tab for opening and closing the pocket.  

Indigo trim weight - 4 lb weight .png
Indigo- 4-5 lb side profile.png
Indgio - 4-5 lb trim low-profile.png
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Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 9.07.41 PM
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Bionic AF BCD Video 

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