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Indigo-Industries & Aquaman Diving have combined Forces!

Our New Contact Information:

24 N. E. 1st Ave., #104

Dania Beach, Florida


New Phone: 954-281-5595

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INDIGO INDUSTRIES TAC Fin - the BEST Fin out - that's what he said

INDIGO INDUSTRIES TAC Fin - the BEST Fin out - that's what he said

Check out why Indigo Industries TAC fin is making waves in the scuba industry. It has taken Indigo Industries 3 years of R & D to perfect the TAC fin. Now, this fin is unmatched in performance! TAC Key Features The TAC fin is the essence of performance through efficiency. ​ This fin is setting the bar for performance! Try it - your customers always say they will never dive another fin again! ​ Ultra-High Performance Fin: The wide tips slash through the water with optimal thrust The shorter length reduces the overall strain on your legs This agile fin design allows for a quick transitional change in direction Excellent travel fin Fits into a carry-on bag. Features & Benefits WEIGHT Finning is a start stop motion, like lifting weights. There is less strain with less weight. Tac fin weighs only 1.9 pounds compared to other High-Performance Fins that weigh as much as 5! We do this through a proprietary compound that is stiff, and because it is stiff, we need less material, which makes it very thin. We also use a curved fin design to add rigidity. No giant masses of rubber ribs on each fin, the sleek, thin design at less than half the weight of other High-Performance Fins means you get less tired, which translates into more bottom time. AGILITY Thanks to TAC’s proprietary material, thin design, and curved blade, we have a very rigid cross-section. This means when you turn in the water, the sides of the fin cut through the water instead of having to move a large mass and “sailing” (bending the fin sideways.) This makes tac the most agile fin on the market! In military testing, TAC Red Label beat every fin tested hands down in agility underwater. THRUST Tac’s shorter design provides more rotational control. This, in turn, supports a stronger kick and allows a slightly wider blade for a larger bite. Stiffeners on top of the fin blade engage on the power stroke to add thrust to the stoke that provides 90% of total thrust. They release on the recovery stroke to conserve energy. Carbon stiffeners can be added to tune the fin to your body and kick style. EFFICIENCY The shorter design reduces the leverage working against the diver. Additionally, the open toe means we can reduce it further and use the section under the toes as a working fin surface. Plus, the load is transferred to larger quadriceps instead of weak hip flexor muscles. Power in vs. power out. That is ultimately what defines a great high-performance fin. Be apart of the #NextGenerationofDiver with Indigo Industries
SUBMERGED ADAPTIVE FESTIVAL 2021- What to expect at the event.

SUBMERGED ADAPTIVE FESTIVAL 2021- What to expect at the event.

Submerged Adaptive Festival 2021 is bringing everything adaptive to one festival. Attendees will experience the options to get adaptive scuba certified, adaptive sports including adaptive mountain biking, adaptive scuba diving, adaptive rock climbing, adaptive ice hockey, Jeep trail rides, and more. Meet Paul de Gelder for Discovery Channels Shark Week host and TV personality. This action-packed adaptive festival will have HSA adaptive scuba diving certifications for instructors, dive buddies, and adaptive individuals, plus adaptive sports options. Meet other adaptive people from around the world, including adaptive influencers from instagram and known personality dedicated to the adaptive nation. The Legendary Jim Gatacre, founder of HSA Adaptive Certification, overseeing all-new adaptive diver certification process (this is a once in a lifetime experience), Dr. Alex Senk, Director of Sports Medicine at MN VA Hospital, will be there speaking on the future of adaptive medicine. Hack Albertson, National VP of Paralyzed Veterans of America, will be speaking on popular adaptive topics, Todd Kemery, VP of Paralyzed Veterans of America, will also be speaking on adaptive topics. Learn more at . This action-packed, fun-filled event will be an experience you will want to be apart of every year. Adaptive Festival Dates June 9th - 13th The event is a two-part festival. June 9th - 13th - HSA Adaptive Scuba Certification days. Those that want to be certified as an HSA scuba diver will attend those days. June 9th - HSA certification Class Room , June 10th - HSA Pool training Day, June 11th - HSA check out Dive and certification day. June 11th - 6 pm starts the Submerged Adaptive Festival Welcome BBQ - sponsored by Indigo Industries June 12th - Submerged Adaptive Festival Activities - participants will select their activities. June 12th - 6 pm - Paul de Gelder Submerged Gala Dinner - Sponsored by Indigo Industries June 13th - Submerged Adaptive Festival Activities - participants will choose their activity. June 14th - Depart home Homestead Crater in Midway, UT and National Abilities Center in Park City, UT will be host locations for activities. Homestead Crater activities center will be filled with adaptive companies, organizations, travel, products, and more. Check out the latest adaptive sports equipment, the best locations to travel for adaptive and how to get involved, and what resources are available to adaptive individuals. Submerged Adaptive Festival is bring everything Adaptive to you; we want to build a stronger #AdaptiveNation. Proud sponsors include: Indigo Industries, a Premium Scuba Manafacturer. Midwest School of Diving - Heber Valley Utah - HSA Adaptive Scuba Diving Certifications - Questions Adaptive Divers might have: Questions: I am considering adaptive scuba diving. I am afraid of putting my head underwater, getting water in my ears, and clearing my ears while diving. Answer: HSA Adaptive Scuba Certification Program will thoroughly work with the adaptive scuba diver and take a step-by-step approach to get the adaptive individual comfortable in the water first. Once the adaptive scuba diver is comfortable, then the HSA scuba instructor works on all critical adaptive scuba skills at a pace the adaptive individual will enjoy. The HSA Adaptive Scuba Training Program offers the most in-depth training program that ensures the adaptive scuba divers' masters all skill and is having a fantastic time learning and experiencing this fun adaptive sport. There are several hands on skill session to get the adaptive diver over any fears or concerns. After a few sessions, the adaptive diver will be feeling comfortable, excited and ready to take the next step. Scuba offers adaptive athletes and individuals a sporting experience that is captivating and freeing of their condition. Every Adaptive Individual show learn how to Scuba dive! Learn more about additional adaptive sports at #adaptivenation #adaptivescuba #adaptivescubadiving #Iamadaptive Instagram: Facebook: