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Ultimate Gift Guide for Scuba Divers

Are you looking for unique, stylish, new gift ideas? Not the boring stuff you find in every dive shop, well, you found the place. Check out gifts for every price range, male, female.

Paul de Gelder Bionic AF BCD – The hottest BCD of 2020. Light weight travel BCD, Slim fit fore a streamline look, Comfortable and easy to adjust, double tanks strap system. Signature line of Paul de Gelder – Discover Channel’s Shark Week Host, Shark Attack Survivor and Shark Advocate.

Airbolt – Keep your scuba gear and valuables safe when traveling to other countries with the Airbolt. You can unlock or lock with just a push of a button, the Airbolt lock will talk to your phone with an app. TSA-compliant. This will also track your luggage if it has been moved. $44.99

TAC & Bionic AF Fins - TAC fins are top performers in performance fins. Intense propulsion, light weight (1.9 lbs.) travel fins, fit into any carry-on. Design is extremely efficient – no more leg cramps. If you want the style of carbon fiber. Check out the Paul de Gelder Bionic AF fins.

Teric Dive Computer – Full color, high resolution, AMOLED, plus wireless charging, and Bluetooth logbook downloads to the free Shearwater Cloud app and changeable color strap options. Teric $1,399 Transmitter $450

Emergency Phone Charger Keychain – Its compact, retractable and rechargeable device. It lives on our key chain for you will always have it with you. It gives you 2 hours of phone usage and lasts three months per charge. $29.95

Fleek Pac – Top issue with Scuba Travel – Cost of bringing your gear. Fleek Pac solves this issue. Turn your BCD into a backpack with this system. This bag carries everything you need for scuba gear travel – BCD, regulator, fins, mask, snorkel, boots plus more. Comfortable on your back, ultra-light weight, made of 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon. Save hundreds on checked bags. $189.95

Mineral Powder Sunscreen - The latest way to apply sunscreen. Easy to apply, it nourishes your skin with botanical ingredients. SPF 30, its light no greasy, translucent so it can be used over or under your makeup. No tint so great for guys and ladies. $32.00

GoPro – What can we say – this camera rocks for video and photography. This is always worth the investment. Hero 8, waterproof for up to 33ft plus add accessories to go deeper $399.99

Sand-free Beach Towel – Lightweight beach towels, full size beach towel 63 x 31 inches, Ultra absorbent (over 1 lite of water), rapid drying (dries in half the time of regular beach towels) and compact. $59

Provision with Clip on Corrective Lens – The first clip on corrective lens scuba mask that won’t break the bank by Indigo. Mask is super comfortable with ultra-soft silicon (possibly the softest in the market), fits many faces, optional plus and minus clip on corrective lens. $69.95 Mask plus $29.95 for the lens pair.

Inferno V-skin – This new system by Pinnacle takes the thermal protection out of a wetsuit and allows divers to wear in all water sports activity. Plus it breathable so you will not overheat out of the water. $279.95

We hope you found this article helpful. Do you have a suggestions of a great new product that scuba divers would need? If yes please add to the comments and send us a link.



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